Viv’s PURE bracelets


Bracelet stack Pure Caribbean, with white onyx, chrysoprase and turquoise. These stones help grounding, purification and relieve stress. And the colors are obviously Caribbean ;-).

I have put together different stacks of bracelets with each different properties. They’re not only helping you with their specific characteristics, they’re also super cute!



Little turquoise nugget bracelets. Turquoise promotes honest and clear communication from the heart, and it’s a powerfull stress reliever. They don’t call it a master healer for nothing ;-).

And you can also buy the bracelets individually and mix and match your own unique stack!

Again, just let me know your needs, and of course your wrist size.




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Viv’s PURE mala necklaces


“Strong and Clear” mala with lava stones. A very bright blue turquoise.

Viv’s PURE, a beautiful, colorful and meaningful collection

As I started getting more and more into yoga and meditating, I got interested in mala beads and bracelets. Since I’m already fascinated with and addicted to color, the creation of mala’s was a logical addition to my collections. My colleague Clara taught me how to knot beaded necklaces, and online I found good sites regarding stone characteristics. That way every Viv mala has a little card with the gemstones’ meaning and properties. Clear quartz for example is a “master healer stone”, while chrysocolla can help to ease anxiety.

A mala (meaning garland in Sanskrit) is a set of beads commonly used by Buddhists. Mala’s are used to recite, chant or mentally repeat a specific mantra during meditation. To keep track of the count of the mantras, you use a mala, while touching each bead separately. When you get at the Guru bead (large dangling bead in the middle) you turn the mala around and start counting in the opposite direction. But besides using one for meditation, you can lay it on your yoga mat while you’re practicing or just wear one because they’re gorgeous! I love wearing them to feel better, less anxious, more peaceful, more calm, etc. Depending on what mood I’m in and what I’m gonna do that day. And depending on what colors I feel like wearing, because being colorful is one of my features! 🙂


Since everyone has different tastes and needs, you can order a customized mala if you don’t find anything in the shop. Together we can choose gemstones that suit your desires, the right size beads (the larger the beads, the longer the necklace) and the color of the thread used to knot the mala. Feel free to email me with any questions and enjoy my malas!





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I also make cufflinks! 🙂

I also make some jewelry for all the gentlemen out there!


Teal swirl cufflinks


examples of cufflinks


Viv’s gorgeous collection of earrings!

Take a look at a part of my glass bead earring collection. I love making earrings, but to have two similar beads, I have to make a lot of them! That’s why I often make a small collection with earrings, a necklace and bracelets of matching beads. If you see a design you like, but you’d rather have a bracelet, drop me a message and I’ll can make it for you! I offer all


Romantic salmon and gold earrings


Sunny yellow and gold earhangers


Chique long goldplated earrings


Playful blue glitter earrings


Chique green, blue and silver-colored


Happy ivory, purple and green earrings


Ivory with special purple and green flecks


Super chique an dangly green and golden earrings


Playful lilac beads with teal flower earrings


Girly pink and goldleaf earrings


Cute pink and gold leaf earrings