Although I use glass beads and other material for a large variety of products, necklaces are of course ideally suited for round and oblong beads, inter-spaced with other items. I have made many necklaces already and still have quite a few in stock.

But I make them ‘on demand’ of course, fully customized and adapted to your preferences and favorite color combinations!

If you click on one of the photos, you’ll be automatically redirected to my shop :-). (still under construction)

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Everybody has keys. Lots of them.

And we all lose them once in awhile. So we need keychains and hangers! And what better present to give to someone!?

Get one of my glass bead keychains for only 29 Euros!!


Our Workshops

You have seen my products. Or maybe you have even attended one of my demonstrations, apéros or other events. And hey, you love the idea of melting glass and you are a creative person yourself!? I totally understand your need to make some beautiful beads yourself!! That’s why I offer workshops for beginners, to enjoy the therapeutic joys of sitting behind the torch and make beads.

Join one of my workshops and I’ll teach you how to make them!

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Workshops are NOT held at any fixed dates. I organize them when there are at least 2 participants, and we’ll pick out the date together!

Consider signing up with some of your friends, the ideal ‘day out’! At the moment I have space for a maximum of five participants.

So if you live in the Zurich area, and you feel like taking up a new hobby, please contact me!



For only 120 CHF for 3 hours, you can make your own beads!


Call me or drop a message to inquire !


Rings come in all sizes sorts and shapes, varying from silver-only to glass beads marvels of creativity

Scroll through the page to see some of the rings I’ve made.


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