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Me wearing a LOT of necklaces at once.

Welcome to my beautiful site where I expose all my different jewelry pieces and other hobby’s and interests. My name is Vivian Dumas, born and raised in The Netherlands, although not living in Holland for quite some years now. In April 2009 my husband and I emigrated to Aruba (a very small and beautiful island in the Caribbean) to soak up some sunshine! While living there I discovered the art of glass bead making. I was completely captivated by all the colors available and after two sessions I was hooked. Not after the first bead though….I was very VERY bad after the first three hours behind the torch. Not a natural. My beads looked like little disasters. BUT I was fascinated and determined to make beautiful ones! It took me some years to get to the level where I am now and I continue to learn new techniques and create new designs!

In May 2012 we moved back to Europe, this time Brussels was the destination. A big BIG change. And a difficult one. I found a Flemish goldsmithing school (Syntra Brussels) and enrolled in September of that same year. I really, really loved my beads, but I had the feeling I needed to add something to my designs. So I did. In may of 2013 I graduated and got my goldsmithing diploma. AND I found beautiful new girlfriends. Together we started a small jewelry atelier which we called Jewelry Atelier Houblon, and we worked very hard to make gorgeous jewelry. But all things change eventually and now I share an atelier, Jewelry Atelier Alchimiste, with my colleague Clara Sterckx. It’s awesome to share a workshop, for inspiration, questions and to eat together of course :-). I even became a Belgian independent, so I have a VAT number and everything! I never thought I would be making money doing something I love so much and I can say it’s AWESOME!


Viv’s signature bracelet: goldsmithing and beads ultimately combined!

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Purple and gold leaf beads, still attached to mandrel.

My style can be described as happy, joyful, with some modern aspects. I just love color! And I think therein lies my biggest talent, the combining of colors. If you would like to experiment yourself with glass and making of beads, don’t hestitate to take one of my bead workshops! I have a total of three torches now, and I want to share my passion and knowledge with you! For 70 euros per 3 hours, you can sit behind the torch, use all my gorgeous glass rods and try to make your own. Be warned though, you might become addicted!

Almost all of my products are made ‘on demand’. Except for the ones that already exist in my collection obviously. Normally you would select a design I already made once from the shop, and we agree on your wishes. Everyone has a different size, style and taste! Maybe you love my signature bracelet, but you would like some yellow beads, no problem! After we discussed what you would like, I make your unique bracelet, ring, pendant or other jewelry piece! Unless of course, you find an already awesome design in the shop! Hope to see you there!

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Me and my biggest fan… 😉








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